I can cut someone in traffic off
On a left turn outta church
Or come home in some kind of mood
from a real bad day at work
Forget to kiss you at the door, almost shut you out
Act like I don’t care about what I care most about

Cause, I’m just a man loving you the best i can
I don't mean to take my luck for granted
And I’ve never seen
Such pretty eyes looking back at me
When you cry there ain't nothing sadder
The heart of the matter is
It’s your heart that matters

I may forget some roses
But i'll Change your Chevy’s oil
You want tomatoes in the summer ?
Girl I’ll turn a little soil
I ain't much into shopping
And those Boy bands that you like
But as long as you're happy baby
Baby so am I

Put your worries on me
Take the weight on off your chest
Lay your head on my shoulder
Girl let me do the rest